Policy Objectives and Priorities of the Ministry of Labor for 2016

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The labor force is the most important cornerstone of national development and is also the driving force behind a nation’s progress.   Enhancing the quality of manpower, creating a friendly work environment, promoting harmonious labor relations, and realizing decent work are key missions of the Ministry of Labor (MOL).  On the foundation of what has been achieved, we put forward a three-pronged approach of “cooperation, safety, and development” to plan and implement concrete labor policies to improve the quality of life for workers, promote the sustainable development of labor productivity, and create a society of decent work for its citizens. The MOL further proposes five medium term policy objectives which are "establishing an employment security network and helping people find suitable work," "strengthening career planning and facilitating sustainable workforce development," "strengthening the protection of labor rights and realizing decent work," "increasing labor benefits and improving workers’ quality of life," and "creating a safe and healthy work environment to maintain the physical and mental health of the labor force".  These are used to plan and promote all types of forward-looking labor policies to realize MOL's policy visions.

      In accordance with the Executive Yuan’s policy objectives for 2016 and in coordination with the medium term policy plans and approved budget amount, our objectives and priorities are as follows.  These are also based on our consideration of changes in the social and economic conditions and the future development needs of our ministry. 



One. Policy Objectives for 2016


※ Key Strategic Objectives

◎ Institutional Objectives                     


  1. Establishing an employment security network and helping people find suitable work:

Developing a well-rounded employment insurance system fully, strengthening the function of promoting employment, ensuring the employment security of the labor force; using a nationwide, integrated employment service website to provide information on employment services, vocational training, technology certification, and business start-up, helping citizens in finding work suitable for them; utilizing employment tools to provide job opportunities or startup counseling services based on the needs of individual cases, helping those with disabilities develop their talents, provide stable employment for the disadvantaged groups. 


  1. Strengthening career planning and facilitating sustainable workforce development:

Strengthening the career development functions of public employment service institutions, enhancing the career consultation competencies of personnel, providing people with lifelong career planning services; enhancing the training capabilities of training units, establishing basic competency standards, improving skill test and proficiency certifications to increase workers' competitiveness in the workplace.


  1. Strengthening the protection of labor rights and realizing decent work:

Constructing a favorable environment for the operation of labor unions, developing the functions of labor union supervision and participation; strengthening and enhancing the negotiating mechanisms of labor unions, improving the labor contract rights and obligations specifications; reviewing and amending labor dispute handling mechanisms, enhancing the effectiveness of labor dispute handling and resolution; improving the improper labor practices adjudication system, guaranteeing the implementation of collective labor rights; promoting labor education, implementing the proper concept regarding labor; implementing Labor Standards Act, guaranteeing and protecting the statutory rights of labor; promoting reasonable wage system, reviewing maternity protection provisions; promoting reasonable working hours system; improving legislation on equal employment opportunities, implementing people’s equal rights to work.


  1. Increasing labor benefits and improving workers’ quality of life:

Establishing a sound labor annuity system, improving labor insurance finances, ensuring long term economic livelihood protection for labor; implementing labor insurance rights of labor, enhancing supervision and relief function; counseling business entities to provide employee benefits, expanding the promotion of employers to establish staff breastfeeding/milk collecting rooms, childcare services and work-life balance, creating a friendly workplace environment; strengthening labor pension system, implementing labor pension reserve contribution, guaranteeing a secure post-retirement lifestyle for workers; implementing the effective supervision of the utilization of Labor Fund Investment, strengthening the performance of fund utilization; improving occupational accident insurance laws, enhancing worker occupational accident rights. 


  1. Creating a safe and healthy work environment to maintain the physical and mental health of the labor force:

Using multiple hazard-prevention tools, strengthening the effectiveness of occupational hazard prevention, improving the effectiveness of labor inspections; promoting management mechanisms for chemical substance classification, establishing a system for the prevention of occupational hazards and for the service of workers’ health; innovating occupational source management safety systems and promoting accident prevention measures, strengthening industry safety facilities; improving the hazard reduction performance of the construction industry, establishing mechanisms for managing hazardous machinery and equipment inspections.

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