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  • Last updated:2021-12-23

 Based on item 3, article 2 of Labor Standards Act, " Wages: indicates compensation obtained from work by labor; including wages, salary, rewards by the hour, day, month, number of objects with cash or physical objects, allowances, or any other regular payments in the name of other purposes". According to this regulation, the definition of wages emphasizes more on "Compensation obtained from work by labor", as for the statements after "Including" are examples of different kinds of payments. According to the regulation, "wages and salary", "rewards and allowances by time…" or "any other regular payments in the name of other purposes" are forms of wages. However, it does not mean "wages and salary" and "rewards and allowances by time" have to be "regular payments". Rather, it depends on whether the compensation is obtained from work by labor.

 Furthermore, the last sentence of the regulation "any other regular payments in the name of other purposes", though it is not clearly interpreted in the law, it should imply payments which are not temporary or not work related. The original purpose of this registration is to prevent employers from paying labor not in the name of wages but in the name of other purposes, that is why this statement is included in the definition of wages to protect labor rights.

  • Source:Department of Standards and Equal Employment
  • Publication Date:2015-04-20
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