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Ministry of Labor Formulates Ethical Code for the Mediation of Labor-Management Disputes and Establishes Disqualification Mechanism for Unsuitable Mediators

  • Last updated:2021-10-18

The Ministry of Labor said that the 2011 amendment of the new Regulations for the Mediation of Labor-Management Disputes introduced the mechanism of mediators. In order to maintain the quality of dispute mediation and in accordance with the recently amended Paragraph 1, Article 24 of the Regulations for the Mediation of Labor-Management Disputes, the Ministry has formulated the Ethical Code for the Mediation of Labor-Management Disputes. In the future, if local authorities confirm misconduct in a mediator and find that the circumstances are serious, the matter will be passed on to the Mediator Invalidation and Certification Review Team for deliberation. This regulation establishes a dismissal mechanism for unsuitable mediators and ensures that the mediation system will continue to be trusted and its authority recognized by employers, employees, and the general public.

In addition to the legal amendments, the Ministry has created a short educational video, "Types of Inappropriate Mediator Conduct". The video has been sent to local authorities to assist them in spotting misconduct. The Ministry will continue to follow up and educate mediators via dissemination, training, workshops and other administrative methods. Quality mediation will continue to guarantee workers' rights while maintaining a foundation for rapid economic growth.

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  • Source:Department of Employment Relations
  • Publication Date:2017-06-26
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