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  • Last updated:2022-02-09

Revision of the “Guidelines for Employers Employing Foreign Workers during the COVID-19 epidemic: Notes for Foreign Workers on Work, Life and Travel Management.” Because of the clustered infection case in a certain electronics factory in Miaoli County, in order to promote the implementation of epidemic prevention work in the business establishments employing foreign workers, guidelines have been revised to include additional management standards for foreign workers’ dormitories, visits to potential high-risk enterprises, make it mandatory to segregate foreign workers, specify that foreign workers from different employers are not allowed to live in mixed dormitories, and assist the management of the target business establishments in strengthening counseling and awareness to lower risk of an epidemic outbreak. The measures to be taken by employers and the proposed measures to be taken by employers are detailed and communicated to local governments, employers' organizations, labor agency associations and representative offices of the foreign workers’ countries.

  • Source:Department of General Planning
  • Publication Date:2021-06-21
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