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  • Last updated:2022-05-12

The Institute of Labor and Occupational Safety and Health (ILOSH) of the Ministry of Labor inaugurated the "Data Science Center of Labor and the Opening Ceremony of the Labor Safety and Health Experience Center". The Data Science Center of Labor allows for the exchange of information with the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Council of Agriculture, and other ministries. The Center can immediately grasp the latest trends in labor and workplace safety and health through statistical analysis and provide various units with references for governance and policy-making. The Exhibition Hall of Occupational Safety and Health, established in 2002 and the only one of its kind in the nation, created a new "Labor Safety and Health Experience Center" with "safety and health" as the core in response to the rapid development of digitization and information technology. The Center features a multi-faceted exhibition approach for visitors to experience in a fun and educational way so that the knowledge of proper disaster prevention and labor rights is deeply etched in the minds of visitors.

Opening ceremony of the Data Science Center of Labor of the MOLOpening ceremony of the Labor Safety and Health Experience Center. Minister of Labor Hsu Ming-Chun and dignitaries attended the ceremony.

  • Source:Department of General Planning
  • Publication Date:2022-05-09
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