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Quarterly Focus

  • Protection and impetus of labor and human rights in Taiwan-Professor Hou-Sheng Chan discusses the approval of the Three Labor Laws

    The approval of the Three Labor Laws in Taiwan symbolizes a giant step toward labor and human rights in Taiwan. Former chairman of the Council of Labor Affairs discusses his perspectives and expectations, hoping to make use of the assurance of the Three Labor Laws, to promote labor and human rights, and to make the relationship between labor and capital more harmonious.

Policies & Regulations

  • Relative Measures Taken to Promote Employment in Taiwan

    The Relative Coordination Department within the Council for Economic Planning and Development in the Executive Yuan focuses on the labor market, in order to enhance and loosen the spindle of its mechanism."The 2009~2012 Promotion of Employment Project "was proposed. The promotions of employment measures were divided into short-term, mid-term, and long-term, and operate in coordination with the economic and industrial development for the purpose of relieve the problems of unemployment, and enhance the benefits of laborers. According to "The 2009~2012 Promotion of Employment Project ", the important measures taken by the Council for Economic Planning and Development are as followed:

  • Progress of the Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System

    Due to growing international business and booming economy, international societies have instituted modern occupational safety and health (OSH) management systems to facilitate enterprises handling and preventing occupational incidents or diseases related to economic development. Currently, the most frequently used worldwide OSH systems are OHSAS 18001, introduced in 1999 (revised in 2007) by the British Standards Institution and the ILO- OSH introduced by the International Labor Office in 2001. Both systems are also related to the management systems of ISO quality and environment.

  • The Promotional Status of "Phoenix Micro-business Start-up Loan and Consulting Plan" Instituted

    In order to help 20~65 year-old women and 45~65 middle aged male and senior citizens to start an enterprise, make a living, use enterprise pioneering as means to promote employment in an effort to achieve the goals of employment promotion, the Council of Labor Affairs promotes Phoenix Micro-business Start-up Loan and Consulting Plan. It provides free courses of enterprise pioneering and low interest business start-up loans of people exempt from guarantee. Consultants offer professional counseling during the whole course. Loan applicants should attend enterprise pioneering courses, consultant guidance, complete operation proposals and apply loans with the Council of Labor Affairs. People can start up businesses after approval by the investigation team, and examination of loans by the banks.

News Outlook

  • The Promulgation of the 2009 Evaluation Results for the Foreign Labor Agency of the Council of Labor Affairs

    On July 27, 2009, the evaluation results for the service quality of private employment services institutes that engage in the business of cross-national human resource agency have been promulgated. A total of 977 foreign labor agencies have been appraised, and 225 of them received Grade A achievements. And the Chief Secretary of the Council of Labor Affairs, Huang Cho- Kue publicly praised the foreign labor agencies that received outstanding appraisals, and rewarded them with certificates of merits and medals of honors.

  • The High Quality Service by the Bureau of Labor Insurance Reaches a New Milestone The Instant Electronic Satisfaction Survey System Officially Start being Used

    Starting in May 2010, the Bureau of Labor Insurance within the Council of Labor Affairs became the pioneer of all the governmental establishments nation-wide to officially use "The Instant Electronic Satisfaction Survey System." Thus setting a new milestone of the quality of governmental "service for the people"

  • Increase the Categories of Occupational Diseases for Labor Insurance, and Ensure the Rights of Employers and Laborers

    The Council completed the op 2010, it has announced that "tendinitis", hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) caused by vinyl chloride monomers", bladder cancer caused by 3,3-dichlorobenzidine- 4,4'-Methylene bis (2-chloro niline),MOCA", would be added as the categories of occupational diseases for labor insurance, in order to ensure the rights of laborers who face occupational hazards.

  • Enterprises Implement TTQS in order to Make Talent Training Much Easier

    Talented people are the biggest assets of enterprises. However, corporations usually do not know how to properly value and nurture people of talent. Even when training is involved, there is no systematic way of calculating the accuracy of training demand or how to examine the results of training.

  • Mission Completed, Minister Wang attended the 5th APEC Human Resources Development Ministerial Meeting

    APEC held its 5th Human Resource Development Ministerial Meeting in Beijing during September 16-17 this year. Minister Wang of the Council of Labor Affairs of the Executive Yuan, led the Chinese Taipei Delegation with 12 members in total to attend said meeting. In the meeting, Minister Wand addressed a speech on the topics of "Enhance human resources capacity building and prepare the workforce to revitalize economic growth", to share the experience of Taiwan in terms of the capacity building during the global financial crisis of 2008. Minister Wang also made some bilateral talks with Singapore, the Philippines, the United States and China; all discussions were made under the APEC framework to discuss the possibility of bilateral cooperation in terms of labor–related issues, and the development of vocational trainings. All discussions went through in an amicable and friendly atmosphere, opinions and experiences were exchanged in-depth and in-time.

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