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  • Last updated:2021-11-03

Quarterly Focus

  • Forging a Vision of the Beautiful Life for Laborers The “Ministry of Labor” will usher in a new age for labor


    Due to the social changes and rapid economic development of the past 20 years,Taiwanis facing the challenges of globalization, an aging population, low fertility rate, structural transformation of the labor market and industry, growing unemployment rate, and the challenges of the rise of non-traditional forms of labor. In order to formulate a legal system for labor that conforms to world trends andTaiwan’s own conditions under the pressure of labor competition from the international community will be a vital task facing the nation’s Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) when it is upgraded to a Ministry of Labor next year.


Policies & Regulations

  • Labor Insurance Act Revised to Enhance Laborers’ Insurance Rights


    The act of invigorated protection for laborers’ rights has always been, for the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA), one of the most vital policy links in the protection of laborers. The CLA recently revised the Labor Insurance Act in order to provide even more comprehensive protection for laborers and, in the future, will work continuously to enhance laborers’ rights.


  • Protecting Labor Rights and Interests by Assisting Laborers with Litigation


    The Council of Labor Affairs implemented an “Immediate Support Program for Labor Litigation” and “Support for Necessary Living Expenses during Periods of Labor Litigation” in March and May, 2009, and set up a Labor Rights Fund, in order to protect laborers’ rights and avoid laborers losing their legal rights due to fear of litigation arising from their disadvantaged economic status. These new litigation support measures provideTaiwan’s laborers with more comprehensive and complete protection of their rights and interests.


  • Occupational Accidents Determination and Laborer Protection Measures


    The economic miracleofTaiwanwas created by the nations hard-working laborers. Accidents inevitably befall those laborers at times; which affect the economy and livelihood of the families of the laborers involved, and even cause devastations and losses to the national society as a whole. The Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) has made provision for the protection of all laborers occupational accidents rights in the legislation of relative labor laws and regulations.


  • Prevention and Correction of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


    Article 13 of the Gender Equality in Employment Act imposes an obligation on employers to prevent and correct sexual harassment. This obligation is divided into two categories: general prevention, and operation of an internal mechanism for dealing with sexual harassment. General prevention refers to the prevention of sexual harassment before it happens, and employers hiring over 30 employees should set up sexual harassment prevention measures as well as means of complaint and punishment, which should be openly displayed in the workplace. The requirement for an internal mechanism for dealing with sexual harassment indicates that an employer should have the means of taking immediate and effective correctional and remedial action once an incidence of sexual harassment occurs. Under Article 38-1 of the Gender Equality in Employment Act, an employer who violates these provisions will be subject to a fine of NT$100,000 ~ NT$500,000.


News Outlook

  • “The Phoenix Spreads Its Wings ”—Mothers Become Bosses The CLA’s “Micro-Business Startup Phoenix Program” Helps Entrepreneurs Realize Their Successes and Dreams


    Due to the difficulty for senior or mid-aged women, and single mothers, to start a business, given their family responsibilities, fear of insufficient social training, and the social reality of age. Behind every example of successful entrepreneurship under such pressures is a story like that of a phoenix rising from the ashes, a story of sweat and tears, a story of rebirth. The CLA is attempting to promote the labor participation rate of women and senior or mid-aged citizens by assisting them develop micro-businesses and create employment opportunities by establishing an corporate-friendly environment. The “Micro-Business Startup Phoenix Program” which the CLA has been vigorously promoting in recent years is a part of this effort.


  • Reward Boosted to Stop Illegal Alien Worker Hiring and Brokering


    In order to encourage the public to turn in employers, private employment brokerage agencies, and foreigners who violate the Employment Services Act, and to maintain the employment opportunities of local citizens as well as social stability in accordance with Article 42 of the Act, the CLA has institutedGuidelines for Incentive Payments to the Public for Reporting Violations of the Provisions of the Employment Services Act.The Guidelines took effect on May 1, 2011.


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