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Quarterly Focus

  • Ministry of Labor Will Creates A Future in which "Everyone Works with Dignity".

    In the future, the Ministry of Labor will shoulder the mission of creating a user-friendly, safe, equal, and dignified labor environment, thus enhancing Taiwan's competitiveness of labor to allow the labor force a vision of "Everyone Works with Dignity" for the future.

Policies & Regulations

  • For the protection of labor rights, establish a diverse and professional labor dispute resolution mechanism.

    The nation's "Act for Settlement of Labor-Management Disputes" was established for the resolution of industrial disputes, protection of labor rights and stabilization of employment relations. The Act, since its revision and implementation on June 27, 1988, has only two minor fixes in July 1990 and May 2002, respectively. With the domestic political, economic, and social changes, the original system framework and content have become insufficient for current needs. Thus the Council of Labor Affairs actively promoted amending the law, which was considered and passed by the Legislative Yuan in 2009 and came into effect on May 1, 2011. The amended points are as follows:

  • Promoting Measures to Protect Atypical Labor Rights

    In the last two or three years every aspect of society has been deeply concerned with the issue of labor dispatch. The Council of Labor Affairs always values labor rights. In response to the rising use of dispatch labor, the Council of Labor Affairs on one hand reminds the industry to pay attention to relevant laws and regulations by way of administrative guidance, and on the other hand hopes to investigate and punish violators, thus moving forward with implementation of the laws and regulations.

  • Corporate Nurseries Give Employees Peace of Mind

    As time passes and socio-economic environment changes, double-income families have become more and more common as both husband and wife enter a competitive workplace to improve the quality of life and provide a better environment for their children to grow up in. However, balancing parental responsibilities and work performance is a difficult task; from time to time we hear stories of workers burning the candle at both ends: if they are too focused on work, the parent-child relationship will be jeopardized; if they give full attention to child's health and schooling, they will not be able to have outstanding performance at work. In order to address the needs of modern society, the Council of Labor Affairs has counseled enterprises in recent years to set up childcare facilities and measures in hope of giving the workers a friendly workplace that gives them peace of mind at work and at the same time allows them to care for their family.

  • Quality and Quantity - Refinement through the National Skill Competition

    To encourage the citizens to participate in vocational education and vocational training, the Council of Labor Affairs has, through competition-type activities, promoted social attention that has aroused general interest. At the same time, the Council has also reviewed the teaching achievements of vocational education and vocational training and improved the skill level of technical staff through mutual consultations and observations to become the main force of the country's economic and social construction.

News Outlook

  • Application requirements for employing home carers relaxed for people aged over 80 who are heavily dependent on care

    On September 17 the Council of Labor Affairs announced amendments to Article 22 of The Reviewing Standards and Employment Qualifications for Foreigners Engaging in the Jobs Specified (The Standards below). From September 19, 2012 people aged over 80 who assessed by a doctor and judged to be heavily dependent on care can apply for a foreign home carer according to the regulations.

  • 6th Taiwan-Indonesia Labor Conference Comes to a Successful Conclusion in Bali

    The Council of Labor Affairs was invited to take part in the Sixth Taiwan-Indonesia Labor Conference in Bali on September 12, 2012, to discuss ways to strengthen Taiwan-Indonesia labor affairs exchange. The two sides exchanged opinions and reached a consensus with regards to lowering the loan interest rate and administration fee for Indonesian workers travelling to Taiwan to work and to expand the scope of direct employment, and it is expected that a firmer foundation will, as a result, be laid for future Taiwan-Indonesia labor cooperation.

  • Source:Department of General Planning
  • Publication Date:2012-09-30
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