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Quarterly Focus

  • Ministry of Labor Commends Outstanding Workers on Labor Day

    On April 30, on the eve of Labor Day, the Ministry of Labor held the 2014 Labor Day National Outstanding Worker and Collective Agreement Signatory Award Ceremony in the 10th floor conference hall of the Grand Hotel, honoring 51 outstanding workers and labor and management representatives from 21 businesses that have concluded collective agreements for their contributions to national development, society, and the economy. Premier Jiang Yi-huah personally attended the event, where he commended the National Outstanding Workers and collective agreement signatories and presented them with their awards.

Policies & Regulations

  • Fear not of job search Worker Shortage Employment Incentive will help you

    To encourage unemployed workers to seek work in industries that suffer from worker shortages and in response to the needs of an aging society, the Ministry of Labor amended and promulgated the Guidelines for the Unemployed to be engaged in Specific Industries on May 15, 2014.

  • Basic wage to be increased to NT$19,273 from July 1, 2014

    In accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 2, Article 21 of the Labor Standards Act, after the basic wage is set by the Basic Wage Deliberation Committee, it is reported to the Executive Yuan for approval. The Basic Wage Deliberation Committee held its 26th meeting on the morning of August 28, 2013, and taking into account the current economic and social situation, resolved to increase the basic monthly wage to NT$19,273 from July 1, 2014. This increase was approved .on September 24, 2013, and announced by the forerunner of the Ministry of Labor, the Council of Labor Affairs, on October 3, 2013.

  • Amendments to the Labor Insurance Act and Related Regulations Passed

    In order to increase the financial security of insured persons after giving birth, the Labor Insurance Act has been amended to adjust the payment of maternity benefits from the original payment of the insured person’s average monthly insured salary for 30 days to payment for 60 days (i.e. increased from one month to two months), and to specify that those giving birth to twins or more will receive maternity benefits based on the number of children born. The amended clauses take effect beginning May 30, 2014.

News Outlook

  • Labor Pension Adjusted from May 2014 based on accumulated CPI

    In accordance with Article 65-4 of the Labor Insurance Act, the amount of pension for this insurance will be adjusted according to the accumulated growth rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) published by the Budget, Accounting and Statistics institutions in the central government if the accumulated rate reaches ±5%.

  • The Ministry of Labor holds National Occupational Health and Safety Week Events

    To increase public awareness on occupational health and work safety issues, the Ministry of Labor organized the National Occupational Health and Safety Week 2014, just shortly before the ILO World Day for Safety and Health at Work of April 28, 2014. The event was formally commenced by MOL Deputy Minister Kuo Fong-yu at the Executive Yuan Xinzhuang Joint Office Tower on April 26. With the tagline “Occupational Safety and Health Administration inherits from the past and ushers in the future – a culture of health and safety takes a step into the new century,” the week included various activities including seminars, practical trainings and simulation exercises. In addition, in the wake of recent increases in occupational disease arising from overwork, muscle strain and stress, specialists were invited from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and other countries to conduct training and share their experiences in related issues.

  • Performance of Labor Funds Growths Steadily

    The management and utilization of the labor funds administered by the Ministry of Labor, such as the Labor Pension Funds, the Labor Retirement Fund, the Labor Insurance Fund, the Employment Insurance Fund, the Occupational Incidents Protection Fund and the Overdue Wages Payment Fund, were initially controlled separately by the Labor Pension Fund Supervisory Committee and the Bureau of Labor Insurance. On February 17, 2014, in accordance with the government organizational transformation policy, and for the sake of strengthening the application of relevant resources and creating the merger synergies, the Labor Pension Fund Supervisory Committee was transformed into the Bureau of Labor Funds, and The Bureau of Labor Insurance's investment team was also incorporated. The new bureau is responsible for overall planning and utilization of various labor funds.

  • The Minister Pan, Shih-wei meets with representatives of Taiwan's 2nd APEC Youth Skills Camp delegation, encourages group members to grasp the opportunity for exchange and expansion of international v

    On the morning of May 16, 2014, MOL Minister Pan, Shih- wei, met with representatives of Taiwan's 2nd APEC Youth Skills Camp delegation, urging the members of the delegation to show what they have learned and bring their abilities into full play, allowing participants from other countries to see the special humanistic spirit nurtured by the beautiful island Taiwan.

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