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  • Last updated:2021-11-03

Quarterly Focus

  • The Vision of the Ministry of Labor: Creating a Cooperative, Safe, and Developmental Labor Environment

    Workers are the backbone to the development of a nation and the workforce is a crucial factor to the development of the nation's economy. While faced with the challenges of a globalized economy and a rapidly changing socioeconomic environment home and abroad, the government needs to endeavor to create a fairer and more reasonable labor environment that while pursuing economic development, also allows workers to share in the fruits of economic development.

Policies & Regulations

  • Explanations on the Main Points of the Amendments to the Enforcement Rules of Labor Union Act

    Since the amendments to the Labor Union Act (hereinafter the Act) went into effect on May 1, 2011, the Enforcement Rules of Labor Union Act (hereinafter the Enforcement Rules) was also amended for more unambiguous implementation and practical application of the Act. However, in its over three years of implementation, though the Enforcement Rules has served the purpose of supplementing the provisions of the mother law, there still remains a number of provisions that requires clarification. As a result, labor unions and labor administration authorities at different levels are divided in their views and suggestions for amendments regarding the applicability and implementation of the Enforcement Rules. For example, there are disputes over the definition for "factory", threshold for the number of people needed to organize and set up a labor union, retention of membership qualifications, and withholding of union dues.

  • AmendingNPewrsovisionsonPaternityLeaveinthe Enforcement Rules for Act of Gender Equality in Employment

    The Legal Affairs Committee of the Ministry of Labor passed an amendment to Rule 7 of Enforcement Rules for Act of Gender Equality in Employment (hereinafter the Enforcement Rules) on September 26, 2014. Under the amendment, an employee can now, when taking paternity leave in accordance with Article 15 of the Act of Gender Equality in Employment, choose three days for leave in a 15 day period before and after his spouse gives birth. This amendment was announced by the Order of Ministry of Labor No. 1030132090 on October 6, 2014.

  • Increased Guarantees for Maternity Leave Pay Ministry of Labor sets standards for payment: Must not be lower than average wage

    On October 7, 2014, the Ministry of Labor issued a ruling stipulating the standard for wage payments during maternity leave. The amount of wage payment during maternity leave shall be that of the woman's wage for normal working hours of a working day the day before childbirth, and the amount must not be less than the average wage.

News Outlook

  • Promotion of alternative investments by the Bureau of Labor Funds: Current situation and outlook

    Alternative investments refer to investments other than the conventional stocks or bonds. Generally speaking, alternative investments would include real estate (such as real estate and REITs), raw materials (such as energy, agricultural products, industrial metals and precious metals), infrastructure, hedge funds and private equity, etc. Due to their relatively low connection to traditional stocks and bonds, alternative investments provide an investment portfolio with risk diversification and reduced volatility. Also, investments in real estate and raw materials can reap the benefits of inflation hedging.

  • The First Senior Workforce Development Service Center unveiled and opened on Senior Day

    In response to an aging population and the arrival of an aged society, the Ministry of Labor has established the first Senior Workforce Development Service Center. It was opened in Yonghe District, New Taipei City, on Senior Day on October 2, 2014, and marked a milestone in the development of senior talents in Taiwan.

  • TaiwanJobs, the Direct Route to Career Development


    To be in line with modern trends and in coordination with government reorganization, the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan was officially restructured and became the Ministry of Labor on February 17, 2014. The Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training also concurrently became the Workforce Development Agency (WDA). To increase public impression of the service contents and the improved service quality following the reorganization, as well as to better meet their career development needs, the WDA has formulated the "TaiwanJobs" service brand.

    In coordination with the restructuring of the WDA, all employment service stations are now reorganized into employment centers with enhanced operation to provide all- rounded lifelong career development services that combine vocational training, employment services, career development, skills certification and business startup advice. The centers provide the public with "one-stop window," "personalized assistant," and "one-case one-employment specialist" customized services.


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