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  • Last updated:2021-11-03

Quarterly Focus

  • New Labor Pension System celebrating 10th year of retirement protection

    Everyone hopes that after a lifetime of hard work, they can live a worry-free retirement and enjoying the rest of their life. The pension we accumulate determines what kindRoEfGrUetLirAeTmIeOnNtSlife we will have. Pension accumulation is dependent on the pension system, and a full pension system is built on the government’s social insurance system, labor pension payments from businesses, and the individual laborer’s savings capacity, hence forming a three-tier security system built together by the government, businesses and laborers.

Policies & Regulations

  • The Ministry of Labor amends "Regulations for the Mediation of Labor-Management Disputes" to strengthen dispute resolution

    The number of labor-management dispute cases accepted by all levels of labor authority is about 20 thousand cases per year, of which up to 99% are disputes over rights. Amendments to the "Regulations for the Mediation of Labor- Management Disputes" that came into effect on May 1, 2011, set up an "arbitrator" mechanism which allowed a coordinator title transfer into said mechanism. The purpose of this mechanism is to assist the parties in the dispute to preempt disputes as soon as possible through a professional and neutral mediation system. In the past three years, labor disputes processed through this mechanism accounted for about 60% of overall cases, but there are still 40% of the dispute cases that could not be resolved through mediation.

  • Relaxing the restriction of 6 month-stay for international academic talents working in Taiwan, and extending working hours for foreign students to 20 hours

    To recruit international academic talents, and actively create a favorable academic environment to attract outstanding foreign talents to Taiwan, the Ministry of Labor has relaxed the restriction of 6 month-stay for international academic talents working in Taiwan. Also, in response to NEWS OUTLOOK current practical needs, and in view of the legislation of other advanced countries, working hours for foreign students, overseas Chinese students and Chinese students have been extended to 20 hours a week.

News Outlook

  • Those applying for Labor Insurance Pension payment in 2010 will have pension amount increase by 5.45% according to the CPI’s cumulative growth rate starting from May 2015

    Since the cumulative growth rate of the consumer price index (hereinafter referred to as the CPI) has reached 5.45% for those applying for Labor Insurance Pension payment in 2010, this has reached the statutory adjustments standard of 5%, and will therefore have their the amount of pension payments increase by 5.45% from May 2015. For example, if the original amount was NT$20,000, it will be NT$21,090 after the increase, an additional NT$1,090 monthly payment included. As for those applying for labor pension payments in 2009 and from 2011 to 2014 (for those applying in 2009, the increase after 2014 will be based on the recalculated cumulative CPI growth rate of 2013), since the CPI has not reached the legal adjustment standard, there will be no pension payments amount adjustments in 2015.

  • Broaden eligibility for labor and employment insurances for election staff employed by public officials with intent to register for elections

    In response to the Presidential, Vice Presidential and legislator elections early next (2016) year, in order to protect the rights of the election staff employed by public officials with intent to register for elections (hereinafter referred to as election candidates), the Ministry of Labor intends to expand the application from election candidates for insured unit to the Bureau of Labor Insurance by presenting the attached "political contributions account establishment permission" issued by Control Yuan and other documents and photocopies, so that the staff they employ can participate in labor insurance and employment insurance.

  • iCare about your health ─ New Health Management Tool for Workers

    The Occupational Safety and Health Act stipulates that employers shall implement regular health checks for workers, and handle health management, occupational disease prevention, health promotion and other labor health protection measures. Since the majority of domestic firms are SMEs, they lack sufficient resources for health management after performing health checks. In order to avoid having regulations becoming a formality, the Ministry of Labor has especially developed two E-tools, namely the "fatigue risk assessment and personal health management system" and the "workplace health service management system" for enterprises to easily handle matters in line with regulations, and for workers to pay attention to changes in their own health status, and remind them to perform self-health management. To link or download related tools, consult the E-tool zone in the Workers’ Health Services Information Platform (http://ohsip.osha.gov.tw/) for more related information and use, or dial the free health helpline: 0800-068580.

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  • Publication Date:2015-04-30
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