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  • Last updated:2021-11-03

Quarterly Focus

  • Outstanding career program loaded with dreams and ready for take-off

    The domestic employment market is subject to impact of globalization and fast changes in industrial structure,causing enterprise-demand talents to gradually diversify and preference for employing workers with experience. Apart from the impact on the employment of workers who lack the capability to change jobs, it is also a great challenge for youths without work experience. Nonetheless, the projection of youth into the labor market is related to the social-economic capacity of the nation and also the key factor in affecting the continual and innovative progress of a nation. Hence, to alleviate the academic-application gap, the Ministry of Labor has long been committed to promoting different youth employment service measures and occupational trainings.

Policies & Regulations

  • Amended Employment Service Act extends employment of foreign caregivers up to 14 years and regulates pre-employment seminar for employers

    Amendments to Article 48-1, Article 52 and Article 55 of Employment Service Act proposed by the Legislative Yuan entered into effect by Presidential decree on October 7, 2015. The new regulations specify foreign caregivers may extend their current period of employment in Taiwan from 12 years to 14 years after having undergone professional training or self- study with special performance and meet certain eligibility. Additionally, employers of foreign caregivers or persons being cared for meeting the eligibility for low-income or medium- income household may be exempt from paying employment security fees. First-time employers of foreign caregivers or domestic helpers are obliged to participate in a pre-employment seminar.

  • Added items to labor insurance occupational diseases to strengthen the rights to benefit payment for occupational accidents

    The Ministry of Labor announced “Added categories and items to labor insurance occupational diseases” on September 18, 2015 by adding “Bromopropane induced intoxication and secondary symptoms,” “trichloroethylene caused renal cancer” and “1,3-Butadiene caused leukemia and Lymphoma” to occupational disease to enhance the benefit payment of the insured.

  • Relaxing rules on marriage leave period for workers

    It is stipulated in Article 2 of Regulations of Leave-Taking of Workers that “workers taking 8 days of marriage leave upon marriage shall be paid.” Starting from May 23, 2008, Article 982 of Civil Code was amended to marriage shall adopt “Registration” system, namely, the marriage shall only enter into effect after the parties have registered with local authority. The marriage leave period for workers shall adopt “marriage leave for workers should be applied at the latest on the day of factual occurrence and shall be granted in one time and for consecutive days.”

News Outlook

  • Strengthen protection for labor pension - “No seizure allowed on pension deposited into special labor account”

    To protect the rights to labor pension and financial securities of seniors, Article 58 of Labor Standards Act and Article 29 of Labor Pension Act were amended to stipulate those applying to receive labor pension in accordance with the Labor Standards Act (old pension system) and those applying to receive monthly labor pension in accordance with the Labor Pension Act (new monthly pension system) may provide supporting documents for depositing into a nancial institution and opening a special account. The savings of the special account may not be used as offsetting, seizure, guarantee, or compulsory execution to assure the security of labor pension.

  • Source:Department of General Planning
  • Publication Date:2015-06-30
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