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  • Last updated:2021-11-03

Policies & Regulations

  • Employers Required to Give Employees Leave and Pay on National Holidays

    According to Article 37 of the Labor Standards Act and Article 23 of the Enforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act, employers are legally required to give employees leave with pay on commemorative holidays (commonly known as national holidays). For business entities in certain industries which require their employees to come in to work on holidays, wages must be doubled for working on those days.

  • Protecting Your Hiring Rights – Pre-Employment Lectures That First Time Employers of Foreign Domestic Workers Must Attend

    The Ministry of Labor amended Article 48-1 of the Employment Service Act to stipulate that employers of foreign domestic workers for home care or domestic work for the first time must attend a pre-employment lecture and attach a proof of attendance with their application. Pre-employment lectures were held on July 1, 2016, and it lasted for one hour.

News Outlook

  • The Ministry of Labor Assisted the Taoyuan Flight Attendants' Union and China Airlines in Negotiating and Reaching a Consensus in a Peaceful and Rational Manner

    On June 24, 2016, the Ministry of Labor invited the Taoyuan Flight Attendants' Union (TFAU) and China Airlines to conduct negotiations regarding the seven demands brought forward by the union. After several hours of negotiating, both sides reached a consensus with regard to the seven demands.

  • The Labor Funds' Global Diversification Strategy Generated Earnings of NT$45.9 Billion as of May 31, 2016

    The turbulent global financial markets of 2016 resulted in careful adjustments to the global positioning by the Labor Fund which resulted in earnings of NT$45.9 billion as of May 31, 2016.

  • Monthly Regular Earnings per Person for Inexperienced EmployeesRegular Monthly Salaries of First Time Employees for in 2015

    According to “Survey on Earnings by Occupation” conducted by Ministry of LaborEmployment Categories Salary Report, the average monthly regular earnings per person for inexperienced employees within the industry and service sector in 2015 the regular average monthly salary of first time employees were NT$26,230; this was an increase of 2.33% compared with 2014. This increase was slightly higher than the annual growth rate of 1.33% in monthly regular earningsregular monthly salaries for all employed workers.

  • Because There Are Many Accidents Caused by Mechanical Cutting, Rolling and clipping, Safety Precautions Are Essential

    Workers are at risk of injury when they operate meat grinders, conveyor belts and moving machinery if their hands, hair or other body parts are drawn into the machines. According to statistics regarding occupational injury compensation, 45.6% of compensated workers are injured because of carelessness while operating machinery; this causes workers to be sandwiched, caught, stabbed, cut or scratched in/by the machinery. The Ministry of Labor calls upon employers to set up guard-shields and/or guard-fences to improve worker safety. Also, workers engaging in the cleaning, oiling, inspection, repair or adjustment of machinery must make sure machines are stopped and then locked or marked clearly to avoid them being activated mistakenly.

  • Source:Department of General Planning
  • Publication Date:2016-08-31
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