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  • Last updated:2021-11-03

Policies & Regulations

  • Loan Conditions for " Micro-Enterprise Start-up Loan " are Relaxed, Creating a More Friendly Environment for Entrepreneurs

    On July 15, 2016, the Ministry of Labor amended and promulgated certain provisions concerning the " Directions for Micro-Enterprise Start-up Loan ", including the relaxation measures for four major items:

  • The Basic Wage Deliberation Committee Passed the Resolution to Adjust Basic Wages

    The Basic Wage Deliberation Committee held its 31st meeting on September 8, 2016; representatives from labor, employer, academic, and government were invited to participate in the discussion. The Commission reached a resolution by consensus, respecting the following recommendations by the Ministry of Labor:

News Outlook

  • The Ministry of Labor Promotes Labor Education Comprehensively, Starting with Debates

    The Ministry of Labor wishes to promote the correct labor concepts among all citizens, as well as, to raise awareness on labor rights and interests, to foster an active interest in labor matters among students in universities, colleges, high schools and vocational high schools, the Ministry is hosting the first National Labor Cup Debate Competition this year (2016). The details about the event and debate topics are shown in Table 1 below.

  • Women’s Political Participation and Economic Empowerment in Taiwan

    In recent years, the rising level of women’s education and the implementation of the Act of Gender Equality in Employment have helped women's participation in both politics and economic empowerment in Taiwan risen above those in Japan and South Korea. However, when compared with major countries in Europe and America, there is still room for improvements.

  • Selection and Recognition of the Work-Life Balance Award

    In order to encourage enterprises to promote measures to improve work-life balance and create positive and supportive work environments, the Ministry of Labor held the 2016 Work-Life Balance Award. A total of 131 enterprises entered the contest, among which 39 enterprises rose above the rest. The awards ceremony was held on September 5, 2016.

  • The Ministry of Labor Strengthens Labor Condition Inspections to Protect the Rights and Interests of Vulnerable Workers

    In order to protect the rights and interest of workers and raise work condition standards, the Ministry of Labor has significantly increased its inspection work in recent years. The Ministry conducted 32,810 labor condition inspections in the first half of this year (2016), up from 17,018 inspections during the same period from a year before (2015) for an increase of 107%; the number of violations cited increased from 4,895 to 5,577 incidents. The Ministry has made improvements on the number and quality of inspections, paying close attention to part-time laborers, migrant workers, female employees, and drivers from the transportation industry. Three hundred sixty targeted examinations were added, and the "1955" hotline was established for quick and convenient reporting of violations.

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  • Publication Date:2016-10-31
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