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  • Last updated:2021-11-03

Policies & Regulations

  • The Legislative Yuan Passes the Third Reading of the Draft of the Amendment to Article 52 of the Employment Service Act

The President promulgated the draft of the amendment to Article 52 of the Employment Service Act, abolishing the requirement stipulating that foreign workers must travel abroad one day every three years. The amendment became effective on November 5, 2016, which means that employers may renew foreign worker employment permits that expire on November 5, 2016 and that workers may continue to work in Taiwan once the Ministry of Labor approves their permits.

  • The Ministry of Labor to Protect Social Insurance and Interests of Employees in Response to the Special Situation of Unpaid Parental Leave

To encourage the establishment of family-friendly working environments while protecting the social insurance interests of employees, starting December 1, 2016, if the employer agrees to not combine the calculation of unpaid parental leave for employees raising two or more children at the same time, the affected employees may still continue to participate in their original social insurance programs.

News Outlook

  • The First APEC Skills Development Capacity Building Center Was Unveiled, Propelling Human Development and Exchange for the New Southbound Policy

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation's (APEC) first-ever APEC Skills Development Capacity Building Center (ASD-CBC) was unveiled on November 2, 2016 at the Regional Branch Workforce Development Agency, Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Region, Ministry of Labor. Diplomatic envoys whose countries are named in the New Southbound Policy, APEC officials and professionals in the domestic and foreign industries, government, academia and research facilities were all present to witness the declaration and activation of a new milestone in human resource development and exchange for the New Southbound Policy.

  • Employment Care Survey of Job Seekers Receiving Unemployment Benefits

Since the Employment Insurance Act was enacted in 2003, there has been protection of basic living requirements of unemployed workers if their separations were involuntary. The unemployment benefits were designed to enable unemployed workers to overcome difficulties and improve their employability through vocational training in order to promote the goal of employment. Relevant survey findings will be illustrated.

  • The Bureau of Labor Funds Overseas Discretionary Investment Plans for 2017

In order to implement corporate social responsibility and to respond to low interest rates worldwide, the Bureau of Labor Funds will commission management of the Global ESG Quality Mix Equity Indexation Mandate and the Absolute Return Fixed Income Mandate to foreign entities for the first time in 2017. The investment amounts are US$ 2.4 billion and US$ 3.6 billion respectively.

  • The International Conference on Occupational Health Services Was Held to Strengthen Workers’ Health Protection Mechanisms in Taiwan

On October 6-7, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor held the 2016 International Conference on Occupational Health Services at the NTUH International Convention Center. The administration invited domestic and foreign experts to share their experiences in workers’ health services on topics such as dealing with workforce psychological stress prevention in order to strengthen workers’ protection mechanisms in Taiwan.

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