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  • Last updated:2021-11-03

Policies & Regulations

  • Ministry of Labor Offers Tuition Fee Subsidies for Children of Unemployed Workers to Reduce Their Economic Burden

    In order to ensure that the children of unemployed workers can attend school uninterruptedly, the Ministry of Labor has formulated the "Implementation Directions for Subsidizing the Education of Children of Unemployed Workers". Since 2003, in line with the beginning of both semesters throughout the school year, the Ministry has been providing tuition fee subsidies every February and September to children of involuntarily unemployed workers enrolled in senior high schools, vocational schools, colleges, or universities.

  • Five-day Work Week Reduces Overwork and Number of Working Hours

    The Ministry of Labor has stated that the Labor Standards Act has been amended to thoroughly implement the five-day work week and lower the threshold for taking annual paid leave, thereby improving basic labor rights, ensuring that workers are entitled to adequate rest, and reducing the phenomenon of overwork. It is imperative that employers and workers collaborate to improve labor conditions.

News Outlook

  • Equal Pay Day Observed on February 21, 2017, Two Days Earlier Than Last Year

    In order to raise public awareness for equal pay for men and women, the Ministry of Labor has once again announced Equal Pay Day for this year. Since average salaries for different genders depend on a number of factors such as nature of the job, seniority, qualification,experience, and job performance, the Ministry is calling on all sectors to work together in narrowing the gender pay gap.

  • Conducting Joint Inspections on Travel Agencies and Tour Bus Companies to Protect the Labor Rights and Interests of Drivers and Ensure Public Safety

    In order to prevent future casualties and fatalities caused by tour bus accidents from occurring, protect the labor rights and interests of drivers, and ensure public safety, the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and the Consumer Protection Committee (Executive Yuan) announced on February 16 the Travel Agency and Tour Bus Industry Joint Inspection Project. The relevant agencies will carry out inspections to ensure, supervise and urge industry comply with laws governing labor, traffic, and consumer protection.

  • Ministry of Labor Holds Hair and Beauty Industry Social Dialogue with Representatives to Promote Industrial and Academic Cooperation, Stabilize Employment, and Increase Salaries

    The Ministry of Labor and the Taiwan Union of Hair and Beauty Professionals Association held the Hair and Beauty Industry Social Dialogue meeting on February 9, 2017. Representatives from hair and beauty industry unions, hair and beauty business entities (approximately 40 entities), the Chungyu Institute of Technology and other educational institutions, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare were all in attendance. A consensus was reached to focus on industrial and educational cooperation, stabilize employment, and increase salaries.

  • iCAP Logo--A Talent Cultivation Tool that Stands for Quality Training

    In response to the demand for organizational and employee talent development, in recent years the Ministry of Labor's Workforce Development Agency has been promoting quality accreditation for competency-based training programs and awarding the iCAP logo to programs that pass quality accreditation. By attending iCAP accredited training programs, participants will receive trainings on the newest skills currently on demand within their industries, thereby improving their personal career competency.

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