Adjustment of Basic Wage(Minimum wage)

  • Last Modify Date:2020-09-09

 In accordance with the regulation of article 21 of Labor Standards Act, labor applies to the law should be paid in accordance with the agreement between employers and employees, and the wage should not be lower than the basic wage; the purpose of this registration is to maintain the basic life standards of labor. In order to realize the purpose of this registration, and allow labor to share the outcome of economic growth, Executive Yuan has approved after thorough consideration that the basic wage had been adjusted to NT$158 per hour and NT$23,800 per month starting from January 1, 2020(The basic wage will be adjusted to NT$160 per hour and NT$24,000 per month starting from January 1, 2021).


  • News From:Department of Standards and Equal Employment
  • Publish Date:2015-07-27
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