Labor Standards Act retirement related affairs

  • Last Modify Date:2018-06-20

Retirement conditions and retirement pension standards

1. Voluntary retirement
A worker may apply for voluntary retirement under either of the following conditions:
(1) Where the worker attains the age of fifty-five and has worked for fifteen years.
(2) Where the worker has worked for more than twenty-five years.
(3) Where the worker attains the age of sixty and has worked for ten years.

2. Compulsory retirement
An employer shall not force a worker to retire unless either of the following situations has occurred:
(1) Where the worker attains the age of sixty-five.
(2) Where the worker is unable to perform his duties due to mental handicap or physical disability.

A business entity may request the central competent authority to adjust the age prescribed in Item1 of the preceding paragraph if the specific job entails risk, requires substantial physical strength or otherwise of a special nature; provided, however, that the age shall not be reduced below fifty-five.

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