Latest Indicators

Unemployment Rate-Sept.
3.83 %
11.5 million persons
Labor Force Participation Rate-Sept.
59.12 %
Ratio of Job Openings to Job Seekers(New Registration)-Sept.
Job Seekers-Sept.
Job seekers employed by employment service-Sept.
Average Monthly Earnings-Aug.
50,866 NT dollars
Average Monthly Regular Earnings-Aug.
42,636 NT dollars
Average Monthly Working Hours -Aug.
170.0 hours
Average Monthly Regular of Working Hours-Aug.
163.0 hours
Number of Foreign Workers in Productive Industries- End of Sept.
445 thousand persons
Number of Foreign Workers in Social Welfare- End of Sept.
254 thousand persons
Persons of effective employment permit in Foreign Workers for Special Professions or Technical Assignments- End of Sept.
35,531 person-case
The Situation of the Obligated Number of Disabled Employee- End of Aug.
Labor Unions- End of Jun.
5,596 units
Labor Members- End of Jun.
3,355 thousand persons
Contributors of Labor Pension (New Scheme)- End of Aug.
7.0 million persons
Labor Pension Fund (New Scheme)- End of Aug.
2,630.7 billion NT dollars
Insured Persons of Labor Insurance- End of Aug.
10.5 million persons
Labor Insurance Fund- End of Aug.
768.1 billion NT dollars
Cases of First Application of Unemployment Benefits under Employment Insurance-Sept.
9,460 cases
Cases of first confirm beneficiary of Unemployment Benefits under Employment Insurance- Sept.
9,388 cases
Cases of Initial Approval for Payment of Parental Leave Allowance under Employment Insurance- Aug.
5,970 cases