Ministry of Labor Expands the Subsidy to Enterprises Advocating for Work-Life Balance to Create the Win-Win of Both the Labor and the Management

  • Last Modify Date:2017-03-30

To expand supporting enterprises to advocate work-life balance measures, and establish a friendly and positive workplace, Ministry of Labor recently raised the amount of subsidy for the “Subsidy Project of Advocating for Work-Life Balance”; the maximum amount of subsidy per enterprise per year is NT$60,000. 


    Ministry of Labor indicated that this project is to encourage enterprises to advocate friendly measures prior to decrees, such as handling employees relieving both physical and mental stress courses, parent-child lectures, creative family day, and setting a temporary space for child care, etc., to help workers balance of work and family care.


    In order to strengthen encouraging enterprises to handle more abundant and multivariate work-life balance measures, the amount of subsidy of this project is raised as follows:

  1. The maximum amount of subsidy for employees care and assistance courses, employees relieving stress courses: NT$60,000.
  2. The maximum amount of subsidy for friendly family measures: NT$200,000.
  3. The maximum amount of subsidy for a temporary space for senior or child care: NT$200,000.
  4. The maximum amount of subsidy for supporting the assistance measures for the employees of the elderly, the disabled, victims of domestic violence, work adjustment difficulties, or pregnant employees: NT$50,000.


    In addition, to assist enterprises training the planning personnel for work-life balance measures, Ministry of Labor specially handled study workshops and business observation and emulation, and provided “Expert Counseling on Site” service to enhance enterprises promoting and planning professional knowledge. For related information, welcome to carry out online search on the Ministry of Labor’s “Work-Life Balance Web” (

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  • Publish Date:2016-08-08
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