Ministry of Labor Publishes 3 Safety Inspection Construction Standards for Fixed Cranes Etc. as Basis of Design and Manuf

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     Fixed cranes and moving cranes are widely used in factories and construction sites for transiting of heavy goods, lift cages are commonly used for washing windows, maintenance and painting of buildings. According to statistics of Ministry of Labor, presently, there have been about 15,000 fixed cranes, 12,000 moving cranes an 739 lift cages being used domestically, since 1997, there have been 316 workers who died from serious occupational accidents,35 per year, while the construction standards that normalize the structure, strength and safe equipment of these machines haven’t been amended for over 20 years, to assort with the development of science and technology and the changes of working conditions, the Office specially has collected related domestic and foreign data and, with regard to the situation of the country and actual requirements, invited related manufacturers, users, labor inspection institutions and designated inspection organizations etc. to research and establish the safety inspection and construction standard for fixed cranes etc., and published “Safety Inspection and Construction Standards for Fixed Cranes”, “Safety Inspection and Construction Standards for Moving Cranes” and “Safety Inspection and Construction Standards for Lift Cages” on May 12, 2005, and abolished the 3 temporary construction standard on Jun 8.

     The Ministry of Labor said that, in order to make institutions known of and follow the 3 new construction standards, 21New Statutes Promotion Meetings have been held in 3 places in the North, Center and South and invited Japanese experts of elevating machines to Taiwan for explanation of the conditions of amendment and innovation of Japanese regulations, institutions or workers still not understanding the new standards can get the complete articles on line, and all of them are welcome to attend the promotion meetings held by the designated inspection organizations.

     The Ministry of Labor further pointed out that in 2004, 5 workers dropped from the high places like trusses and died when servicing overhead cranes, in order to ensure the operation safety of workers, it is specially stipulated in Article 52 of “Safety Inspection and Construction Standards for Fixed Cranes” that drop prevention devices shall be installed on trusses of overhead cranes to prevent the personnel form dropping, or security belts and security cables shall be provided for the workers for using, fixed cranes installed before the promulgation of the standards shall be improved before May 11, 2006, the Ministry of Labor calls on the institutions to make improvements as soon as possible to avoid being punished.

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