Minister Li of Council of Labor Affairs visited Children Are Us Restaurant, calling on supporting of the sheltered workshops

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      Presently, while the Children Are Us Foundation was evaluating if Children Are Us Jhubei Restaurant in Shinchu County should stop business, Minister Li, Ying-Yuan of the Council of Labor Affairs, visited President Siao, Shu-Jhen of Children Are Us Jianjhong Restaurant of Hsinchu City in person in the afternoon of Oct 12, 2005 (Wed) for encouraging the staff of the Children Are Us Foundation, where he also has dinner with the correspondents and called for the society to keep supporting and purchasing sheltered goods in sheltered shops so that these shops can avoid shutdown.

       Minister Li, Ying-Yuan of the Council of Labor Affairs said that, in accordance with the stipulations of ?rotection Law for Physically and Mentally Disabled People?for social welfare, labor and health organizations can establish or encourage for the establishment of sheltered workshops. The mentally and physically disabled people in sheltered workshops are either receiving trainings or education or working there, or both, but anyway, he wishes everybody to support them in an encouraging attitude.

       e Children Are Us Foundation said that the Foundation will make financial reports, which will be signed and certified by the accountant, to the competent authority, the Ministry of the Interior, according to relevant stipulations in every March, and that they will always doing services for the mentally and physically disabled people under supervision of the government and law, especially focusing on the improvement of the quality of sheltered goods so as to make people ready to purchase them. The Children Are Us Foundation again publicized its financial balance information under witness of Accountant Zeng at site.

       Minister Li, Ying-Yuan said that all departments of the government will reinforce contact with the foundation so that every mentally challenged child can be taken care of. The Ministry of the Interior publicized the egulations on Priority for Purchasing Goods and Services Provided by Institutions or Organizations for the welfare of the Mentally and Physically Handicapped?today, which the government will take the lead in doing, however, everyone of the society are called on to support sheltered workshops, so that they can avoid shutdown and the mentally and physically disabled people can be merged into common people.

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