Targets applicable to online application for the owners to extend the employment of foreign labor will be extended

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      The Council of Labor Affairs, in order to cooperate with the project of ?anagement and Services of Foreign Labor?of the e-government services by The Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan, decided that from Nov. 15, 2005, the application of employment extension of foreign labor will adopt on-line application besides the application by submitting documents (by mail or in person) in accordance with the stipulations in Article 29 of ?egulations on the Permit and Management of Employment of Foreign Labor

       The On-line employment extension permit application system adopts the natural person certificate of the Ministry of the Interior and the business certificate of the Ministry of Economic Affairs as the network identification system, when entering the application system through the Portal Site of Employment and Training Administration of Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan ( , the first step is the status identification.

       Council of Labor Affairs said that targets of on-line application for employment extension of foreign Labor will no longer be limited in the manufacturing industry, the targets have been extended to owners of the manufacturing industry, construction industry, home Nursing Aides care and Nursing Aides for Institutions; on-line application for employment extension means the application for general permit extension for the 3rd year of employment after working 2 years for the employer, but not include applications for replacement extension with extension and undertaking extension.

       Other precautions of the on-line application has been specified by the Council of Labor Affairs on Proclamation Lao-jhih-wai-zih No. 0940507308 on Oct. 12, 2005, the employer and the private employment service institutions entrusted by the employer may make good use of the on-line application to transact the extended permit for the foreign labor employed by them.

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