The 35th National Skills Competition shall be held on 19th-24th October in Tainan Vocational Training Center of Bureau of Employ

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The 35th National Skills Competition shall be held at the five competition fields comprising Tainan Vocational Training Center of Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, Diwan College of Management, Shin Rong Senior High School, Tainan Industrial High School and The Affiliated High School of National University of Tainan on 19th-24th October. The commissioner of the sponsor Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan indicates the purposes of holding the skills competition are to sparkplug the skills value concept, and inspire with the youth’s interest in learning occupational skill by the competition, encourage them to participate in the occupational training actively so as to enhance all practitioners’ skills and service quality, improve the labor productivity, promote the economic development as well as the labor’s social status.

The conference indicates the 35th National Skills Competition shall deal with the judgment, participants’ sign up and acquaintance of the competition fields in the morning of 19 October, participants juration and welcome ceremony at the playground of the Tainan Vocational Training Center at 6:00pm, and the competition shall begin from 20th to 22nd , assessment and technical commissioners meeting on 23rd, commissioners’ meeting on the day 24 to confirm the competition score and winners, awarding ceremony at the Recreation Center of Tainan Vocational Training Center at 10:30am of the same day.

In addition, This year there are 1646 participants of the subarea competition in Taipei, Taichung and Tainan, totally 530 participants ranking the fifth place. Plus the 26 winning participants of the national mid-class school skills competition and the robots and bread making occupation the national competition, totally there are 598 participants covering 42 occupations. The competition occupation types cover machine, machine and electricity, electronics, construction, information and living service etc. 6 types. The former 3 winners shall be awarded NTD80, 000, 60,000 and 40,000 respectively. All passed participants shall be awarded the Certificate of Qualification for Passing the Competition by the sponsor, who can participate in the same kind of C or B class skills test, exempting from the field test.

Since 1960 it is the first to choose participants by national skills competition for Taiwan for the international skills competition. The participants obtain good achievements at the international skills competition stage, in which the group achievements of recently sessions top other countries. It serves to show Taiwan’s skills level has reached the international level. In addition since the holding of the skills competition, it has been recognized and supported by vocational and technological schools, vocational training centers, enterprises and relevant vocational groups and all circles, and plays an important role to promote the public’s attention to occupational skills and technical training, upgrade the technicians’ social status in all circles, establish correct occupational concept and upgrading Taiwan’s current economic and industrial development. Our participants participated in the skills competitions in past years presently bring into their specialty on their posts, as outstanding persons for our economic development and do a great contribution to the national construction. Welcome all circles to visit and give us your suggestions, and encourage our participants during the competition. 

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