Day off for laborers with voting rights during the civil servant election this year

The Ministry of Labor indicated that November 29th, 2014 is the civil servant election day of 2014, and laborers with voting rights shall have a day of paid leave.

The MOL pointed out that civil servant election and recall days shall be days off in accordance with Article 37 of the Labor Standards Act and Article 23 of its enforcement rules. Any laborer with voting rights and has work duties on that day shall have a day of paid leave; laborers not on duty that day will not gain an additional day off. The “one day off” referred to above is the 24 consecutive hours from 0:00 to 24:00. Since laborers will only be able to cast their vote on the day of the election, the leave is different from typical holidays (national holidays) and may not be switched with other work days. Employers may gain the approval of laborers to work on election day, provided that it does not obstruct laborers’ vote casting, and shall pay laborers double wage for the hours of work on election day.

The MOL reminds employers that not giving laborers paid leave or double wage on election day is punishable by a maximum administrative fine of NT$300 thousand and will still be required to pay the laborer’s wage. In the event laborers encounter incidents that damage their rights, they may file a complaint with the local administration (departments of labor of the local county/city government) to protect their rights.

  • News From:Department of Standards and Equal Employment
  • Publish Date:2014-11-18
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