Ministry of Labor Announces 2014 9th National HRD InnoPrize Winners

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Ministry of Labor Announces 2014 9th National HRD InnoPrize Winners
Ministry of Labor Announces 2014 9th National HRD InnoPrize Winners

The National HRD InnoPrize was established by the Ministry of Labor for the 
commendation of businesses and individuals with outstanding innovative 
performances in Human Resources Development (HRD), as well as to promote the 
concept of HRD to both businesses and the general public. In the nine years from 
2005 to 2014 since the inaugural National HRD InnoPrize awards, 110 distinguished 
businesses and individuals have received commendations for their commitment to 
human resource development. It is hoped that these paradigms of dedication and 
innovation will inspire other businesses to enhance their human resource 
management and development. 
The 2014 National HRD InnoPrize award winners are as follows. For the category of 
large enterprises: China Motor Co., Ltd. and Quanta Computer Inc. For the category 
of small and medium enterprises: Joy Industrial Co., Ltd., BXB Electronics Co., 
Ltd., and Schneider Electric (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. For the category of outstanding 
individuals, the "A+ Manager Award" goes to sole recipient Yi-Hui Chiang (Irene 
Chiang), Head of Learning Academy at Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited. 
The successful deployment of human resource strategies and organization is 
integral to strong business performance. As shown by the human resource 
innovations of this year's award winners, global perspectives and creative 
thinking open up new opportunities for business development, a process in which 
human resources play a crucial role. Businesses need to consider their human 
capital as intellectual capital and strive to empower employees by elevating their 
capacities for integrated thinking and innovation. This is the approach to 
achieving true competency and creating a virtuous cycle through which Taiwan's 
businesses may acquire international recognition, an objective the Ministry of 
Labor has always been highly committed to attaining.

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