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Labor- management dialogue

  • Last updated:2021-10-18

‧Labor- management meeting

 Labor management meetings are a consultation system established to coordinate labor- management relations, promote labor-management cooperation, and prevent labor issues from occurring. The fundamental spirit of such meetings is to encourage voluntary consultation and cooperation between labor and management, which will increase communication within enterprises, reduce confrontation and conflict, built consensuses, gather together the wisdom and potential of all stakeholders, and jointly endeavor to execute resolutions.

 The labor-management meeting system was designed for equal number of representatives from both parties to regularly meet, during which they will give reports and discuss proposals; resolutions are made after a proposal receives approval from the majority of representatives, thus creating a win-win situation for both labor and management.

‧Social dialogue

 With consideration to the results of the International Labour Organization's Tripartite Committee formed by labor, management and government, as well as the experiences of advanced countries, such as France, Germany, Czech Republic, Holland and Denmark, in implementing social dialogue, social dialogue mechanisms do indeed facilitate economic and trade activities, strengthen labor-management cooperation, and increase satisfaction of government administration. In the light of this, Taiwan has recently been actively organizing social dialogue activities on a national level, by industry, and by area, hoping to build consensuses through labor-management negotiations or labor-management-government dialogue, which will unify the society, improve government performance, and drive economic development.

  • Source:Department of Employment Relations
  • Publication Date:2015-04-20
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