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  • Last updated:2021-11-03

Policies & Regulations

  • Employers Cannot Legally Refuse Pregnancy Checkups Leaves, Paternity Leaves or Recuperate Leaves to Employees While They Are on Leave Without Pay

    In order to guarantee employees the right to apply for pregnancy checkups leave, paternity leave or recuperate leave during leave without pay, the Ministry of Labor has notified local labor administrative competent authorities via circulars on February 3 that if employees apply for the aforementioned leaves, employers cannot legally refuse their applications.

  • The Ministry of Labor to Provide Educational Subsidies for Children of Unemployed Workers Who Are Involuntarily Dismissed from Work to Reduce Their Economic Burden

    The Ministry of Labor has enacted the “Implementation Directions for Subsidizing the Education of Children of Unemployed Workers” to help with the education of children of unemployed workers resulting from involuntary dismissal or discharge from the workplace. The ministry has provided educational subsidies to eligible children of such unemployed workers in senior high schools, vocational schools, colleges or universities to help them continue and finish their studies. Since 2003, this assistance has been provided in coordination with the beginning of school terms in February and September each year.

  • The Ministry of Labor to Strengthen Early Warning Mechanisms for Mass Redundancy to Effectively Supervise Abnormalities in Operations and Finances in Business Entities to Avoid Damages to Labor Rights

    In the face of the many cases of mass redundancy because of poor operating conditions in business entities in recent years, the Ministry of Labor is moving towards strengthening the design of early warning indicators for mass redundancy of business entities. 

  • Starting May 1, 2016, the Labor Insurance Salary Cap Will Be Adjusted to NT$ 45,800

    Starting May 1, 2016, the Table of Grades of Insurance Salary of Labor Insurance will include an additional insurance salary grade, Grade 20, which reflects a monthly insurance salary of NT$ 45,800. Starting on this day, the applicable monthly insurance salary grade of Labor (Employment) Insurance insured persons whose monthly salary exceeds NT$ 43,900 will be NT$ 45,800.

News Outlook

  • Exposure to Biohazards During Metal Processing?

    Metalworking fluids (MWFs) contain organic matter which might induce the growth of bacteria. According to research, unless the workplace is well ventilated, bacterial bioaerosols will accumulate indoors. The Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health of the Ministry of Labor is calling on workplaces which use MWFs to pay more attention to ventilation or set up local exhaust ventilation and to strengthen and implement automatic checks on relevant facilities.

  • The Ministry of Labor Increases Subsidies for 3D Jobs and Improves Working Environments in Surface Treatment Companies to Increase Desire for Employment

    The Ministry of Labor is providing assistance to companies in the 3D industry to improve overall their working environment, health and safety and to increase employment opportunities for the public. Starting in 2016, the surface treatment industry will become a focused counseled industry to assist their transition into a 3C - Clean, Career and Competitive - industry and to increase worker interest to work in it.

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  • Publication Date:2016-04-30
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