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  • Last updated:2021-11-03

Policies & Regulations

  • The President has promulgated related amendments of the Labor Standards Act pertinent to the "Five-Day Work Week" with the exception of articles with specific dates of implementation

    The President promulgated the amendments to the Labor Standards Act on December 21, 2016. With the exception of Article 34, of which the date of implementation shall be otherwise specified by the Executive Yuan, as well as Articles 37 and 38, which became effective on January 1, 2017, the remaining articles (Articles 23, 24, 30-1, 36, 39, 74 and 79) went into effect on December 23, 2016. Highlights of these amendments include:

  • From 2017, four new categories shall be added to the labor insurance health examination for prevention of occupational diseases to enhance labor rights

    According to the Ministry of Labor, four categories of tasks with special health hazards including "bromopropane", "1,3-butadiene ", "formaldehyde" and "indium and its compounds" have been added to the labor insurance health examination for prevention of occupational diseases since Jan. 1, 2017. Following these additions, the number of categories covered by the labor insurance health examination for prevention of occupational diseases reaches a total of 31.

News Outlook

  • 2016 Foreign Workers Management and Utilization Survey Results and Statistics

    The 2016 Foreign Worker Management and Utilization Survey was conducted to collect data regarding the management, utilization and general working conditions of foreign workers by employers from both productive industries (Manufacturing and Construction) and private households. Survey results and statistics, which will be used as policy-making references for the future introduction and management of foreign workers, are summarized as follows:

  • To Help the Unemployed Improve Work Capabilities, the Ministry of Labor Unveils Self-organized 2017 Pre-employment Training Courses For the Unemployed

    In order to help the unemployed improve or cultivate job skills that facilitate future employment, the five regional branches of the Workforce Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor administer job-oriented vocational trainings in accordance with regional industrial developments and job market demands on an annual basis. Training courses such as information and electronic applications as well as digital electronic device design are conducted to cater to higher-paying sectors based on the Ministry of Labor surveys, including electronic parts manufacturing, information, and communication. In addition, courses such as digital graphic communication and visual communication design are also conducted to cater to the currently trending cultural & creative industry.

  • The Ministry of Labor Launched New Year Security Program to Enhance Labor Inspection

    During Chinese Lunar New Year, there is a rise in the frequency of temporary and dynamic operations conducted by businesses and organizations for annual maintenance, cleaning and other urgent tasks. As a result, the likelihood of occupational accidents and risks associated with overwork is also relatively higher. In order to reinforce disaster prevention measures during the year-end and Chinese New Year periods, the Ministry of Labor officially launched the 32-day-long "Enforcement program for enhancing labor inspection during the Chinese New Year security period" on January 13, 2017. The Ministry of Labor hopes to supervise and urge businesses and organizations to enforce various disaster-prevention mechanisms as well as abide by related regulations on overwork prevention through measures such as enhanced inspection, promotion and guidance.

  • 2017 Global Economic Outlook & Labor Funds Investment Planning

    According to forecasts by international economic institutions, the global economy is set to rebound slowly in 2017 and the U.S. will incrementally increase its interest rates, while other major economies will continue their quantitative easing monetary policies. On top of that, stock markets around the world are projected to fluctuate significantly under new Trump policies and the general election results of Germany and France. Adjustments in China's economic structure as well as the question of whether oil-producing countries will adhere to the agreement to curtail oil production will also have significant bearing on economic performances around the world.

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  • Publication Date:2017-02-28
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