Prolonged Working Hours

  • Last Modify Date:2018-06-25

  Regulations with regard to prolonged working hours in the Labor Standards Act were originally very strict. Aside from legal rationale, various limitations applied to procedures, gender, and industry of prolonged working hours. Disputes were frequent between employers and employees. As a result, there were opinions to amend the regulations from different circles in the society. The amended regulations allow employers to prolong working hours after agreement of labor union, or in the absence of labor union, the agreement of labor-management conference. However, considering the health of labor, the total working hours combining normal hours and prolonged hours cannot exceed 12 hours. To facilitate gender equality in the workplace, the prolonged working hours of both genders should be consistent not exceeding 46 hours per month.  

  In the case of natural disasters, incidents, unexpected accidents, and necessity of prolonged working hours, the employers are entitled to prolong labor working hours based on Item 3, Article 32 of the Act. No agreement of labor union or labor-management conference or labor is needed. However, the employers should notify the labor unions within 24 hours of the inception of prolonged hours. In the absence of labor union, the local authorities-in-charge should be notified for record.Subsequent to the prolonged working hours,the employers shall offer labors suitable time off.

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  • Publish Date:2015-04-20
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