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Prevention and Rehabilitation after Occupational Accidents

  • Last updated:2022-06-14
  • After the Act came into effect, the central competent authority may draw up a budget not exceeding 20% of the annual premium receivable and the balance of the budgets implemented in prior years for the purposes of prevention and rehabilitation after occupational accidents. In addition, the Ministry of Labor has established the Center for Occupational Accident Prevention and Rehabilitation to coordinate activities related to the said purposes.
  • Regarding the prevention of occupational accidents, for the purpose of early discovery of occupational illnesses, physical examinations are conducted for insured persons who are on the job, and follow-up physical examinations are offered for workers engaging in hazardous activities who have changed their jobs or left their jobs and withdrawn from insurance.
  • Regarding the rehabilitation of workers suffering from occupational accidents, legal mechanisms are created to provide services for occupational rehabilitation and case management. Such mechanisms provide services of professional assessment and consultation for case management and can assist employers in formulating a plan for resumption of work. Furthermore, to provide more incentives for workers and employers to participate in occupational rehabilitation, an allowance is offered for workers with rehabilitation needs to participate in occupational rehabilitation for a period of up to 180 days, and subsidies are available for facilities used by employers to assist such workers in resuming their work or for businesses employing workers suffering from occupational accidents.
  • Source:Department of Labor Insurance
  • Publication Date:2022-06-10
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