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Title News From Publish Date
The Ministry of Labor Endeavors to Protect the Rights of Domestic Workers through Pragmatic Approaches Department of Standards and Equal Employment 2014-08-01
[500]Considering protection of dispatched workers , goverment will do its best to communicate with concerned parties to ease their misgivings. Department of Employment Relations 2014-07-24
Adenocarcinoma of the lungs in a cook caused by long-term exposure to oily smoke-A first case identified in Taiwan osha 2014-07-15
Occupational Safety and Health Act Begins Two-phase Enactment on July 3, 2014 osha 2014-07-02
Government values labors’ rights to voice concerns, continual communication and clarification to labor organizations Department of General Planning 2014-05-05
Ministry of Labor to Expand Labor Inspections to Protect Workers’ Rights and Promote Workers’ Welfare Department of General Planning 2014-05-02
The plaque of the Ministry of Labor is officially unveiled on February 17 officially launching the new Ministry of Labor and creating a new vision for Decent Work in Taiwan Department of General Planning 2014-02-17
MOL Publishes an Inventory of Phase III Substances Pursuant to Regulation of Labelling and Hazard Communication of Dangerous and Harmful Materials and the Implementation Date. osha 2014-01-02
Top ten dangerous occupations in the construction industry, roofers ranked number one. Department of General Planning 2013-12-06
Top five industries ranked by the number of compensation cases for karoshi, MOL appeals to all enterprises and labors to be alert. Department of General Planning 2013-12-06